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Great Day Improvements partners with Durasol to bring you some of the highest quality shading products on the market today. Window and door awnings from Durasol offer our customers a practical and elegant way to add a unique touch to their home while also protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays and adverse side effects. All awnings are custom made and professionally installed so you can be sure you are getting the perfect product for your home. Add architectural details while maximizing your outdoor comfort and controlling cooling costs.

We offer a wide selection of window and door awnings from Durasol. These awnings offer function, style and quality at a price that you can be comfortable with. Our awnings can be used in both residential and commercial applications. Browse through each product below to help you determine which awning would be best for your project.


Sunguard® Steelox

The Sunguard Steelox is a retractable window awning that features a contemporary feel and stainless steel components. These awnings are perfect for contemporary homes and businesses with modern architectural materials and designs. Stainless steel makes this one of the most durable window awnings on the market.


Sunguard® Topaz

The Sunguard Topaz is a retractable awning that is perfect for wide windows that measure up to 16 feet in width. When retracted, the sleek design allows for a compact and clean appearance. These awnings can either be wall mounted or mounted inside the window frame. Topaz awnings add value and a touch of design to any home or business.


Sunguard® Onyx

The Sunguard® Onyx is the widest retractable awning offered by Durasol. These windows can be used on windows with widths measuring up to 19’9” as single units and up to 40’ in combined units. These awnings provide superior solar protection and are designed for easy installation.


Sunguard® Romanza

The Sunguard Romanza is a European-style stationary awning built with a contemporary design. Made for both doors and windows, these awnings are perfect for use as entrance canopies. Keep your guests dry and comfortable as they enter your home or business. The Romanza awning is available in four styles to match your current architecture. The clear or smoke polycarbonate panels allow for year-round usage and are virtually maintenance free.


Sunguard® SunCatchers®

Sunguard SunCatchers are available in four different styles to choose from. Built to endure the test of time, SunCatchers are perfect for blocking the sun’s glare, reducing interior temperatures and helping to reduce the fading of your furnishings. Add elegance to your home or business while filtering out the majority of the sun’s adverse effects. These awnings are perfect for windows and doorways. Create a warm welcome for your visitors.




American Classic

Available in two different styles (traditional and casement window awnings), the American Classic combines the style of yesterday with the design and materials of today. These window awnings blend perfectly with other awnings and match the architecture of your home or business. These awnings provide the protection needed to block the sun’s direct light to keep your furnishings safe and your interior room temperature lower when necessary.


Shed Awnings

Shed awnings offer a more traditional style and are used for both homes and businesses. These stationary awnings can be used as functional accents for entrances and windows. Shed awnings can be used to create a band of awnings over windows or facades. These awnings can also easily accommodate your business or store’s logo on either the body or valance.


Dome Awnings

Dome awnings are a traditional favorite to be used on restaurants, hotels and businesses. Graphics can be easily added to these stationary awnings and are available with a rigid or loose valance. These awnings add a beautiful touch to your home or business but are also functional.


Waterfall Awnings

Waterfall awnings are smooth curve stationary awnings that can be used to break up the hard lines of a building façade while adding light and color in a continuous band or in segments. These awnings are designed with an optional valance that easily allows the addition of graphics, text and logos. Waterfall awnings are beautiful yet fully functional.


Waterfall Awnings with Dome Ends

Waterfall awnings with dome ends offer more coverage and blend the waterfall and dome awning styles without the need to pay for a custom awning. These stationary awnings are a favorite for restaurants, hotels and businesses and can easily be customized with logos and graphics.


Shadow and Breeze Awnings

The shed style shadow and breeze awnings are traditional stationary awnings for homes and businesses that you can install on your own. These awnings can be installed year-round and require little maintenance. Available in six colors, these awnings are functional door and window accents. Install these awnings on your own with easy-to-follow installation instructions. These awnings are packed to reduce shipping costs to save you money.


Custom Awnings

Have a unique setting that needs an awning to blend in or a building with a unique structure? Durasol custom awnings are the solution for you. These awnings are designed to meet your specific needs and provide the shade and protection you are looking for.

Contact Great Day Improvements today to schedule a consultation with one of our design experts. We will review your specific project to help you determine the awning system right for you.