Spring Cleaning Tips - Tips for a Clean Home

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After a long, cold winter, your home can be a mess and you may not even realize it. Pets tend to stay indoors more in the winter, so there may be pet odors and hair accumulate on your rugs and furniture. Things can get dusty, too. Once you open your doors and windows to let the spring air and sunshine inside, you’ll notice a layer of dust all over your beautiful things. Thorough cleaning can be a real chore, there are many tips and tricks that can make it go faster and give you better results. If you need encouragement, just picture that nice fresh look, feel and smell that you’ll enjoy once your deep cleaning is complete.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your family may have some spring cleaning chores that are specific to you alone, but most of us have all the standards. These may include:

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  • Change furnace and/or air conditioner filters & blow leaves away from outside HVAC unit.
  • Give your whole home a thorough dusting. If your job or other activities are keeping you too busy for this, then pay someone you know to do it or hire a maid service.
  • Rake leaves and pick up trash that may have blown into the yard. This may be a great job for your child, grandchild or neighbor to do for a small fee.
  • Take your rugs outside and let them air out.
  • Vacuum your furniture, ceiling fans and baseboards.
  • Straighten the garage. It might be time for a spring garage sale, which can give you extra spending money and clear out your junk.

spring cleaning tips for your homeGet Help If You Need It

Remember, you can usually hire people to help clean the house or garage, or even manicure the lawn if you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have the time for spring cleaning. This is the type of deep cleaning that you probably only do a few times per year. Watch for spring specials from reputable cleaning firms to save some money.

Additional Tips for a Clean Home
& a Fresh Look

It’s those little extras that really make the whole place come alive and you can begin with a door mat. Chances are that the old one is beat up and dirty. Another quick fix is to repaint the front door or even the whole porch. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to spruce things up.


How about the smell of fresh flowers in your yard? Pick up a flat of flowering plants, such as petunias or zinnias, and plant them around the front entry or porch. If you have a spot for it, install a trellis and plant a flowering vine such as morning glory. Spring is the perfect time of year to start some tomato and pepper plants indoors so they can be transplanted as soon as it’s warmer.

Spring is a wonderful time of year! Get out and enjoy every moment of it.