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Retractable Patio and Deck Awnings

View our Photo GalleryProtect your home and family from the sun’s hot, harmful rays with elegant and practical retractable awnings. Great Day Improvement partners with Durasol to bring our customers some of the most attractive and durable awnings on the market. With a simple touch of a button or spin of a crank, these awnings transform your deck or patio into an attractive and comfortable expanded living space.

Custom made and professionally installed, retractable awnings improve your outdoor living space, decrease energy costs, protect your interior furnishings and keep entryways dry. Great Day Improvements offers an extensive array of retractable awnings to meet your specific needs and style from full featured awnings to affordable entry-level models.

Choose from the following models of Durasol retractable awnings:

SunCassette Bella

The SunCassette Bella has a patented tipping system which allows the awning to extend straight out and then tip down to attain up to a 55-degree pitch. This is a practical and elegant addition to your home that will last for years.

SunShelter® Elite Plus

This adjustable retractable awning allows you to fine tune your protection from the sun. The optional “R-pitch” adjustable shoulder with its patented swivel wrist allows homeowners to drop each corner independently with a simple hand crank and eyelet.

SunShelter® Regal

Durasol’s most affordable custom retractable awning, the Regal adds charm and value to any home. This awning complements the exterior of your home while providing style and function.

SunShelter® Triumph

The Triumph is Durasol’s heavy-duty shading solution and the perfect choice when longer projections are needed.

SunCassette Carina

This retractable awning is built for longevity and durability. The hood encapsulates the entire fabric body of the awning to provide a stylish look that will protect the fabric from nature’s aging process.

Let Great Day Improvements help you find the perfect retractable awning for your home. Schedule a free in-home design consultation today and we will send out one of our design consultants to discuss your project.