Winter Lawn Care

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 7:00:00 AM Categories: Home Improvement Tips Home Maintenance

In this post you’ll learn…

  • How to prepare your lawn for snow.
  • How to cut your grass before the snow hits.
  • What steps to take to make your spring lawn care easier.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter lawn care probably sounds silly to some home owners. Why would you need to take care of your lawn in the winter when you can’t even see it most of the time? It’s a valid point, but it’s important to remember that lawn care does not cease in the winter. Your lawn requires care year-round and that includes the winter season.

winter lawn care

Even though your lawn is dormant during the winter (if you get a lot or a moderate amount of snow), there are still steps to be taken and considerations to be had. Let’s get into exactly what winter lawn care really means.

Before that snow begins to roll in, it helps to lower the notches on your lawn mower to 1” during your last few mows. Be sure not to cut the grass too short, but keeping it trim and able to stand straight will keep it from smothering itself when thawed. When the lawn becomes too long and freezes, then thaws it increases the chance for disease and damage once spring arrives. Speaking of lawn mowers, remember to prepare your mower for winter storage by replacing the spark plug, and draining oil and gas from the tank.

It’s vital to make sure that your lawn is cleared beneath Mother Nature’s white coat. Clean up any debris littering your yard like large branches, leaves, toys or lawn care items. If these items are left out, they can smother your grass and lawn, which creates a prime condition for lawn diseases in addition to a welcoming invitation for mice, insects and other pests looking for cover.

It’s also important to monitor your lawn and where the most traffic is. Your dormant grass can tolerate moderate foot traffic under layers of snow, but spots with heavy traffic will have a difficult time growing back to that beautiful green come the spring and summer. Consider putting in a paver walk way, or taking a new route.

If a storm is in the forecast that will bring freezing rains or icy conditions, consider covering your exposed shrubs or smaller bushes that may not be able to handle the heavy elements. Also remember after any snow storm to gently brush off the accumulated snow from branches and leaves of smaller, more fragile plants.

Winter lawn care can be as simple as preventative care, but it is just as important as lawn care the rest of the year.  Just because you can’t see your lawn doesn’t mean it doesn’t need your attention or work. By taking part in proper winter lawn care, you can ensure that your lawn looks its best year round.