Types of Patio Covers

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Many homeowners spend a lot of time planning the perfect sunroom, carport or porch but give less thought to what goes on top. Choosing the perfect patio covering should be an important part of every addition project, as it will offer protection from the outside elements, including strong winds and heavy snowfalls, while enhancing the look of the space. From pergolas to awnings to patio covers, which roof will work best for your space?


Pergola by Great Day ImprovementsIf your vision of an outdoor space is reminiscent of an Italian garden, a pergola might be the perfect covering for your project. Constructed of wood beams that are oftentimes made of beautiful cedar, pergolas are most often used in garden areas or for outdoor gathering spaces, such as a barbecue area around a pool. The ceiling of a pergola may be flat, curved, or criss-crossed in a lattice type pattern, and the sides can be open, created with a variety of boards cut in the same size, or constructed of one solid piece of board.

Pergolas are not as strong as patio covers or awnings, and they are rarely used on outdoor spaces that need protection from high winds, heavy rains or extreme sunlight. Though a pergola may not be an option for those in need of a stronger, more permanent covering, it is a great addition to an outdoor garden space set up for casual entertaining or simply relaxing among the flowers and shrubs.


Retractable awning by Great Day ImprovementsCruise the neighborhoods of Florida and chances are you’ll find beautiful awnings in various shapes and sizes protecting porches and outside patios from the elements. Homeowners across the country enjoy the versatility of awnings, and for good reason. Want to create a bold look? Choose a striped pattern in bright colors. Feeling more subdued? Go neutral or one shade.  From scalloped edges to straight valances, awnings can really decorate your outdoor living space.

Retractable awnings offer homeowners the ability to pull in the covering in the event of a strong storm, heavy winds or strong snowfalls, and they can be either manually or electrically controlled. Though some awnings are able to withstand hurricane-forced winds, it’s always best to retract the awning when it is not in use or in the event of a heavy storm to protect your investment. Our retractable Durasol awnings can be purchased in standard sizes or custom fitted for your patio needs while keeping you within budget. Durasol awnings come in a wide varity of fabric choices to coodinate with your exterior decor.

Patio Covers

Hummer parked on our Patio Enclosures roofGreat Day Improvements manufactures Patio Enclosures brand stationary aluminum patio covers that feature insulated foam cores. The foam core roof offers protection from the sun’s harsh rays and other outside elements, along with structural I-Beams, which are strong enough to hold up under high winds and blizzard conditions. 

To prove their strength we even parked a 5100 pound Hummer on top of a 3” panel using no other support than the existing I-Beams. The roof panel held, proving the dependability of our patio coverings. This same roof is used in our Patio Enclosures sunrooms as well. 

These structural support beams offer:

  • Enough strength to withstand snow loads of 30 lbs. per square foot, and
  • A thermal barrier to reduce the transfer of heat or cold from the outside of the roof to the inside of the panel

Patio Enclosures patio coverOur patio covers are manufactured in three neutral colors- white, sandstone and bronze to coordinate with your home's exterior. In addition, gutters and downspouts can be added to patio covers, to transport the flow of rainwater away from your home.

Add glass roof panels to open your patio to the sky, allowing natural light to filter in throughout the day and stars to fill your view in the evening hours. Special glass roof panel shades can be added to block out direct sunlight and easily removed for star gazing at night. To create the ultimate outdoor space, add a ceiling fan to your patio cover to maximize airflow during the hot summer months.

Whatever your needs, we can create the perfect patio cover for your outdoor space. Everything we build is custom designed specifically for you and your home.

Which patio covering will work best for you?

To determine the option best suited for your needs, consider how much you want to spend, how you will use the space and the overall size of the patio or deck.  Then ask yourself the following: Will you use the outdoor patio as a secondary living space? Is your outdoor space a garden or a room? How much do you want/have to spend? What design style will look best with your home? 

To answer these questions and more, contact Great Improvements for your free no-obligation, design consultation today! Our experts will assess your space, listen to your needs and make a recommendation right for you and your budget.