Renovating an Attic to a Bedroom

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 3:25:00 PM Categories: Energy Savings Green Living Home Improvement Tips Home Renovation

In this article, you'll learn

  • How renovating an attic into a bedroom adds value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.
  • What needs to be considered when creating a bedroom in your attic including ideas for inspiration, paint colors, accessories and more.



Transform Your Attic into the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Homeowners often think of attic space as an area to store Christmas decorations and old photographs – that is, if we think about the unused square footage at all.

converting attic into bedroomYet the space above your head could easily become a new bedroom; and why not? If you plan on living in your home for a long time to come, turning the attic into usable space means freeing up other space downstairs. And if you want to sell? Remodeling Magazine’s Cost versus Value report shows the amount you spend for an attic bedroom addition can be recouped at almost 73% during resale.   

So what should you know when making plans for renovating an attic to a bedroom?

  1. Utilize the space you have - regardless of its shape. Sloped ceilings and choppy lines might seem difficult to work around but those odd angles often create the most fantastic spaces. Prior to starting your renovation project, consider methods for maximizing the space. Is there a three foot tall door in the room that leads to a small closet? Purchase plastic, stackable tubs and use this space for storing out of season clothes. Does the ceiling meet the floor in a triangular shape? Run short but long bookshelves down the entire length of one – or both - walls. Have an odd nook and cranny tucked away in a corner? Add a rocker and use it as a reading area. Short walls make great ‘art galleries’ for photographs and paintings, while long rooms can be broken into sitting, relaxing and sleeping spaces.  
  2. Go green. Remodeling projects allow homeowners to start fresh; and since we all want to do our share in saving the planet, why not go green during the project? 
  3. Get inspired. Not sure how you want the finished product to look? Purchase several interior design magazines in your local bookstore; search ‘bedroom ideas’ on Pinterest; and watch a few home improvement and renovation shows. Keep photographs and notes of your ideas in a binder so you can refer to them as you create your ideal space.
  4. Choose the right hue. Too much pop on the walls of a long room might overpower you, while deep purple on a small space can make you feel claustrophobic. Since attics tend to have a variety of angles, picking the right shade will make a big difference in the end result. Check out this article by Bob Vila on choosing interior hues.
  5. Accessorize. As with any space, your attic retreat can be transformed into a tranquil space, an electrifying area, a country cottage, or any space of your dreams by choosing the right accessories. Pair a neutral wall with pillows and throws in soft shades of blue for a tranquil space. Paint furniture in a rustic white and top your dresser with rose-colored vases and lamps for a Victorian feel. Cover a window with one of our honeycomb patterned blinds to tie it all together.