How to Prevent Door Kick In

Monday, January 28, 2013 9:08:00 AM Categories: Home Improvement Tips Home Security

ProVia entry doorDoors. You open them daily, slam them occasionally and probably give them little thought 99.9% of the time. Yet these rectangular household accessories have the ability to reveal - or protect - the most valuable possessions you own.

The FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program tracked 2,188,005 burglaries for 2011; 60.6% involved forcible entry. An earlier report from 2009 showed 34% of burglars enter the home through the front door; is yours protected? It takes just seconds for a kick-in to happen, if you don't believe it's that easy to topple your front door, head over to YouTube and watch it in action. Then ask yourself this question:

Are my doors strong enough to withstand a kick-in?

If you aren’t sure, it’s time you learn the following:

  • The features your door needs to prevent kick-in attempts, and  
  • How Great Day Improvements can ensure that your most precious valuables – living and non-living - are protected from a pair of strong legs


Security Features for Stronger Doors

Off the rack doors might work fine inside your home, but the doors you choose for the exterior should look great while offering protection from burglars. The ProVia line of doors sold at Great Day Improvements add elegance and security. Choose from our Legacy Steel entry doors, which feature 20-gauge steel and composite block for better protection against break-in, or our fiberglass options, which have 20-gauge strike plates and/or reinforced locks.

To learn more about the security features included on most ProVia doors, watch the video below:

Learn more about the security features your door needs to prevent kick-in:

  • A 20-Gauge Security Plate
    Security, or strike, plates are metal plates affixed to the door frame.  These plates are very important when it comes to security. As the lock extends it fits into the strike plate. Cheap strike plates splinter and break easily. Many standard doors come with a wooden plate, which increases the chance of a successful kick-in. Our security plates are made with 20-gauge steel, offering protection against even the strongest of burglars.
  • Door Frame
    Take a look at your door frame. How was it constructed? And does the door fit securely in the space?  If your door frame is flimsy or made of a cheaper material, a burglar can easily kick-in the door or use a tool to rip it apart. Great Day Improvements offers a Steel L-Frame with new doors. Made of 18-gauge steel, our frames are welded on with a 12-gauge hinge plate for extra security.  
  • A Custom Fit
    Custom fit doors increase security against kick-in because they create a tighter seal. Take a look at your entry door. Can you see gaps between the door and the frame? Is the door placed securely in its spot? Great Day Improvements custom fits all doors ordered to ensure a better fit and higher protection.


We offer numerous products that will provide you peace of mind against burglar kick-in. Schedule a consultation today to have one of our experts come to your home and recommend the right solution for you.