Home Theater Room Design-The Journey to Heaven on Earth

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Dreaming about a home theater? Why not make your dreams come true by creating your own cinematic oasis? Whether you're a sports fan whose life would complete with a gigantic 72-inch flat screen, an MTV veteran searching for the perfect sound or a true lover of the silver screen, the home theater experience is now within your grasp. 

Creating the Perfect Home Theater Design

A rectangular space of 20 x 13 feet without windows is ideal for your new home theater.

Your home theater space should measure twelve by twelve feet, at the very minimum. The room will be loud, so try to pick a secluded area to design in. If you have a spare bedroom, that’s probably a good bet. Even better would be to add on a theater wing.

Embedded lights on dimmers and LEDs on stair steps mimic the feel and practicality of a real cinema.

Cinema-style seating is growing in popularity in direct proportion to the rapidly increasing number of home theaters. Why not include a riser for the second tier of seats, as well as some cool embedded lighting on the walls? Light up the steps with specialty LEDs and you’ll create the ambience of a movie theater.

An overall dark color palette for the ceiling and the walls brings out the best picture your screen has to offer.

Purple and black on the ceiling and walls are the preferred choices for professional movie theaters. These shades, or similar deep, dark ones, will optimally enhance the picture coming from your screen.

home theater with sound system

When it comes to surround sound, pre-wiring is where it’s at. Design it first, then hide the wiring in the wall before you cover it up. You can get an exquisite audio experience from a 7.1 system, but the newer 9.1 setup lets you increase the number of speakers and enhances the sound. As to the screen, get the best you can afford. It’s that simple.

personalized home theater

Today’s home theaters are just like the movies we show in them: diverse, varied, and fun! If your lifestyle includes showing home videos and playing Texas Hold ‘Em with the neighbors, then you’ll need a projector and a gaming table, along with the rest of your movie theater equipment.

home entertainment room

When choosing seating, take your time and do it right. Do your research and make sure to actually sit in the furniture before you buy. Looks can be deceiving sometimes.

home theater with seating

Your ultimate home theater space should be as free of obstacles as it is inviting. No cables, no muss. This will require some meticulous planning during the early stages of making your theater dreams come true.

home theater in basement