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Discover SoftWall Finishing Systems and leave drywall in the dust forever. SoftWall’s lightweight, fabric-covered wall finishing panels offer a beautiful mold and mildew resistant alternative to drywall. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, SoftWall Finishing Systems offer peace-of-mind protection. Perfect for residential and commercial applications, these wall panels are removable for easy access to plumbing and electrical wiring 24/7 and provide near-perfect acoustics.

If you are considering a remodeling project for your home, walls are probably part of your plan. But did you know you have options other than drywall? Sure, drywall is the most common application for walls, but it may not be the best depending on your project. Drywall is easily damaged and a pain to replace, not to mention it attracts mold caused by moisture, which can lead to major issues down the road if left unchecked.

Discover SoftWall Finishing Systems and leave drywall in the dust forever. SoftWall's lightweight, fabric-covered wall finishing panels offer a beautiful mold and mildew resistant alternative to drywall. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, SoftWall Finishing Systems offer peace-of-mind protection. Can your drywall do that?

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, these wall panels are removable for easy access to plumbing and electrical wiring 24/7 and provide near-perfect acoustics, unlike drywall. Imagine how quiet your room would be if 80 percent of the sound was absorbed by the walls — that's what SoftWall will do. Drywall only absorbs 5 percent of sound, bouncing the other 95 percent back into the room.

These insulated wall panels keep your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Because no taping, spackling, sanding or painting is required, there's less mess for you. With SoftWall Finishing Systems' selection of over 2,000 colors, textures and designs, you can transform any unfinished space into the room you've always wanted. Whether your plan includes a finished basement, a quiet home office, entertainment theater or playroom, SoftWall Finishing Systems can bring your dreams to life in as little as two weeks.


We take pride in every job that we install for our customers. We only offer quality materials and craftsmanship but you don't have to take our word for it. Take a look at what a couple of our customers are saying about Softwall Finishing Systems.

Adirondack Audio & Video - Queensbury, NY

Adirondack Audio & Video is a premium hifi stereo store in New York. Great Day Improvements installed Softwall Finishing Systems in one of their listening rooms. Not only are they extremely pleased with the new look of the room, the acoustic benefits are more than they ever expected. Read more.

Craig & Debbie Halloran - New Jersey

Craig & Debbie worked with the Great Day Improvements branch in New Jersey to install Softwall Finishing Systems in their basement. After having a bad experience with another company, they decided to work with Great Day Improvements and have been more than pleased with not only the Softwall product but the customer service as well. Read more.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
1" thick fabric-covered fiberglass panels Absorbs 80 percent of sound, providing near-perfect acoustics.

Resists mold and mildew growth for life.

Provides an R-9 insulating factor keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Resists dents and damage.

Offers superior stain resistance.
Extensive color selection With over 2,000 color, texture and design options, you can create a room that is sure to complement your home and existing décor.
Vinyl railing system / removable panels Allows you to remove your wall panels at any time to access plumbing and electrical areas.
Class A fire retardant rating Materials with a Class A fire retardant rating show exceptionally low spread of surface flame, smoke and heat when exposed to fire. This is the highest rating a material can receive under the ASTM E-84 – a test that measures the burning characteristics of building materials.
Limited lifetime warranty Provides peace-of-mind protection for your investment.
Quick, no-mess installation Allows you to begin enjoying your room in as little as two weeks without the mess and clean-up drywall creates.

Compare to Drywall

SoftWall Drywall
Mold and mildew resistant Retains moisture that causes mold
Designed for use in damp or dry environments Designed for use in only dry environments
Class A fire retardant rating Comprised of flammable cellulose and paper products
Due to its insulating factor of R-9, keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter Requires adding insulation
Offers 80 percent acoustical efficiency – which means the wall absorb the sound leaving you with a quiet room Offers 5 percent acoustical efficiency — which means 95 percent of the sound bounces back into the room leaving you with more noise
Resists dents and damage Easily dented and damaged
Self-healing memory fabric allows you to quickly fix dents and dings Walls must be patched, mudded, sanded and repainted to hide holes
Superior stain resistance – all fabric cleans with simple soap and water Depending on your type of paint, will stain and show marks easily
Removable wall panels allow for instant access to grade walls, plumbing or electrical wires and pop back in just as easily Drywall needs to be cut out to allow access to items behind the walls and patched, mudded, sanded and repainted once complete
Clean, convenient installation – no mudding or sanding required Dusty, dirty installation – heavy, cumbersome panels have to be screwed into place, then mudded, sanded and painted
Typical project takes 7-14 days to complete Typical project can take up to 4 weeks or more to complete
Eco-friendly system – fabrics and extrusions are made from 100% recycled materials and our fiberglass panels are made from 25 percent post-consumer waste Materials vary by manufacturer
Limited lifetime warranty No warranty
2-year labor and material warranty on all work Varies by contractor

SoftWall Options

We make your room renovation easy. Leave the details to us!

Whether you are looking to turn your unfinished space into a living area, playroom, home theater, office, bedroom or media room, we will create a space customized to your individual needs and wants. During your initial design consultation, our trained staff will assess your current space, listen to your vision and make recommendations to bring your space to life.

Select From More Than 2,000 Fabrics

SoftWall's light-weight wall panels are wrapped in luxurious fabrics to create a cozy, warm and inviting space. Choose from:

  • Full panel micro-fiber suede fabrics
  • Full panel premium textured fabrics
  • Split panels: choose 2 different fabrics split by a chair rail installation extrusion

SoftWall panel styles image

Each fabric color and texture creates a unique space. You can even mix and match fabrics to create the perfect accent wall if just a splash of bold color is more your style. It's all up to you. Did we mention that you can hang art and photos on your walls just like drywall? So once your room is complete, decorate away! Your local design consultant will provide you with fabric swatches and samples.

Shown below are our Featured Swatches which represent the most popular color palettes and textures trending in residential interior design.

Featured SoftWall Fabric Swatches

Ask your local design consultant to see a complete fabric sample book.

Custom Trim

Custom Trim - basement finishingOnce you've selected the fabric for your walls, you'll want to consider trim options. Whether you're looking for a simple baseboard to finish off your room or a complete custom trim package including crown molding, chair rail molding, window trim, window and door casing and support beam boxing, we do it all. Select from a variety of finishes and treatments to complement your space. Ask your local design consultant about available options.

Suspended/Drop Ceilings

Suspended/Drop CeilingsNext you'll want to think about your ceiling. Even though most ceilings look similar, there really is a big difference. Depending on what your plans are for your space, you'll want to consider things like sound absorbency, color, texture and overall design. We proudly offer Armstrong® ceiling solutions. Ask your local design consultant about available options along with features and benefits of each.


Basement Flooring Options for remodeled roomWhen finishing off your new room, you'll need to think through the flooring that's right for your specific application. Function is as important as style, but with endless possibilities, rest assured there is an ideal solution for your room and budget. Choose from classic wood, concrete, tile, laminate, carpet and more. We work with many suppliers to offer you the greatest selection at the best price. Ask your local design consultant about available options.


SoftWall offers a quick, convenient and clean installation compared to drywall. If you've ever experienced the mess a drywall installation makes, you'll appreciate our process. The exceptionally fine dust that is created by sanding the drywall mud gets into your homes' duct system and is carried throughout your house. The installation of SoftWall requires absolutely no sanding or painting. So the rest of your house will not become filthy or smelly during your remodel.

Below is a step-by-step guide to the SoftWall installation process. Depending on the plans for your room renovation, additional steps may be added to bring your customized vision to life. For example, if your project includes an added bathroom, risers for a home theater or wet bar, our craftsmen will modify the process below to make sure your project is completed in the proper order.

Step 1: Ready, Set, GO

Unfinished basement photoDue to its mold and mildew resistance, as well as its insulating and acoustical properties, SoftWall is the ideal application for any basement finishing project – whether you are creating a kids play area, family entertainment room, media room, home office or lower-level bedroom.

However, you aren't limited to below grade applications. SoftWall can be used in most spaces on or above ground level too. So even though most spaces start like the picture to the right, they don't have to.

Step 2: SoftWall Railing System

SoftWall wall preparation photoOnce we've designed the perfect layout for your room finishing project, our experienced craftsmen will prepare your walls and install our railing system.

The railing system does two things. It ensures that there is ample space between the foundation walls and the SoftWall system to allow the walls to breathe. It also holds the wall panels in place ensure a perfect and secure fit.

Step 3: Ceiling Grid and Electrical Wiring

Installation of drop ceiling gridNext we will install your suspended ceiling (drop ceiling) grid. One advantage of the SoftWall system is the ceiling grid fits perfectly into our railing system so there are no gaps or spaces between the ceiling and the wall, just like in a drywall application.

Once the ceiling grid is in place, our electricians will wire your space to code, drop in all lighting fixtures, outlets and switches. Depending on state, city, county or municipality of residence, an electrical inspection may need to occur at this time.

Step 4: Ceiling Tiles and Lighting

Installation of ceiling tilesOnce the electrical wiring is complete, our craftsmen will install the ceiling tiles and lighting. This process moves exceptionally fast especially once the tiles are measured and cut for the ceiling lights.

Step 5: Vertical Supports and Panels

Installation of SoftWall panelsThe installation of the vertical railing supports comes next in the installation process.

These specialized supports secure each SoftWall panel to the railing system and wall to ensure a perfect and tight fit. As the supports are installed around the room, the wall panels are positioned and placed immediately after.

Step 6: Custom Trim

Installation of custom trimOnce all of the wall panels are in place, our craftsmen will begin adding the custom trim.

This may include baseboard molding, chair rail extrusions, crown molding as well as window, door and soffit molding depending on the requirements of your unique project.

Step 7: Flooring

Installation of flooringLast, but certainly not least is the installation of the flooring. Carpet is a very popular choice for basement remodels as it helps to keep the newly created space warm and cozy.

However, there are many options that work just as well. It truly depends on your individual taste, planned use of the room and budget.

Step 8: Decorate and Enjoy

Completed SoftWall BasementNow the only thing left for you to do is decorate your new space and begin enjoying everything it has to offer!

Get peace-of-mind with the knowledge that:

  • Your wall panels can be removed if an emergency arises and you need to get to whatever is behind them
  • You are protected with our limited lifetime warranty
  • In the event of a fire, the spread of flame, smoke, and heat is exceptionally low since SoftWall is a Class A fire retardant material
  • Your room will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer due to SoftWall's R-9 insulating factor
  • Your walls will resist dents and dings better than drywall
  • Noise will be drastically reduced within your new space because of the acoustical properties of the wall panels

Get inspired by watching DIY videos or by reading helpful blog articles, full of great tips and ideas for expanding and improving your home.